Friday, December 16, 2011

Still doing Dragonball Z bigtime!

I've been working with a site and meeting poeple from all over the world that are still into DBZ big time. Mostly collectors trying to fill in missing cards. The newer editions don't appear to have a following. But the toys, games and video's are selling. Whew! I've seen some games selling over $120.00. I'm NOT into it that much. I collect the Alt. Foils. Nice. I dabble a little in the Pokemon but I think Nintendo has gone to wild withe some of the newer critters. But it's their game and it must be working. What ever happened to YuGiOh? Well later folks.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dragonball Z/GT single cards

Wow! My own blog. Well I've been wanting to. I sell, barter and trade DBZ cards. Just wish I could find more ultra and Uber rares. I have the priviledge of contact with Dragonballer's from all over the world. I have'nt checked the new editions. Does anyone even deal with them?
I would like to know. More later.